Warehouse services

Consolidation and processing of freight!

In addition to providing transportation and logistics services, the company also provides warehousing and distribution services. It is possible to keep goods in separate warehouses (for example, pharmaceuticals or customs warehouses) while assuring accounting and frequent inventory of the stored products using our warehouse service.

In addition, our customs services are incredibly affordable thanks to our low overhead!

Why is NIKSI warehousing services the best solution for you?

Whether you’re looking to keep food, medications, or excise products, we have something for you.
NIKSI’s warehouse services include the following:

Warehouses for customs
Warehouses for medications
Warehouses with temperature control
Warehouses for the storage of food items that are FITO-certified
Services relating to excise products
Services for transit warehouses

The following are the primary benefits of NIKSI warehouses:


We ensure that commodities housed in our warehouses are accessible 24 hours a day.


Warehouses are located in Riga and key cities throughout Latvia, and we also have a vast network of freight facilities throughout Europe.

Comprehensive range of services

We provide execution of all necessary paperwork as well as insurance.

What services do we provide and when should you take use of them?

Consolidation and arranging of freight

If you have a number of distinct cargoes that you need to receive and arrange for subsequent transportation as a single freight, no problem! You can arrange and consolidate your cargoes as needed in our warehouses.

Distribution of goods

Warehouse services can be used to keep products in batches before they are distributed to other places.

Customs warehouses and product storage in them

If customs procedures are required, we offer customs warehouses that can be also temperature-controlled, if needed, and also guarded. Any customs warehouse available to you has received an operational permit.

Warehouses that are heated and those that are not

We offer a variety of warehouse options based on the storage requirements of your goods. Indoors, there are fields and unique circumstances, as well as temperature-controlled warehouses for medications or food.

Our professionalism benefits you.

NIKSI is a professional team. Do not be concerned about your shipment; our range of services includes the following:

Transporters with a solid track record

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