Transportation of perishable goods

Entrust your load to professionals!

Keeping perishable goods from other countries in excellent condition for when they arrive to the consumer’s table is not an easy task. It requires a complex, quality system throughout the entire logistics process, from origin to the final point of distribution.

The best way to move perishable goods

Niksi creates a comprehensive solution for the transportation of goods with the necessary thermal conditions.

Temperature report

Our trucks are equipped with the latest thermal recorders, installed so that client knew that the temperature has been observed at all stages of transportation.


Transportation of perishable goods is always stressful, because the cargo can easily become unusable. To avoid problems, SIA NIKSI Group provides your goods will full insurance.

Competitive price

Transportation of perishable cargo is always 20% more expensive than delivery of general cargo due to increased risks. Our company will not only provide you with professional drivers and latest refrigerator units, but also gives you great offer.

What Our Customer Say

"Latvia's successful participation in Munich Expo in the Germany was made possible by a professional transport company and its personnel. The business was helpful, supplied the greatest options, accommodated all of our requirements, and delivered on their promises on time.
Caroline Thiemt

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