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Services in Logistics

SIA NIKSI Group is a high-end freight carrier company with years of expertise in the industry, focusing on professionalism, quality, and customer service. Our staff includes professional specialists that are ready to assist in the resolution of any concerns relating to freight transportation services.

Cargo insurance
We, SIA NIKSI Group, have always been a dependable freight carrier, ensuring that goods are transported safely and that cargo insurance is advantageous with us. Do you want to transfer a shipment but are concerned about its security? Don't worry; the NIKSI team is ready to insure your cargo and provide you with peace of mind during the transportation procedure.
Customs agent services
Customs agent services are a collection of services aimed at ensuring the safe import and export of valuable items, as well as the proper passage of those goods.
Warehouse services
SIA NIKSI Group is a transportation and logistics company that provides a complete range of logistics and warehouse services. Our warehouse services allow customers to keep their freight in a variety of warehouses (for example, prescription storage or customs storehouses) and open fields, as needed, while also assuring proper accounting and inventory of the items. Aside from that, our customs services are quite affordable!
Transport of personal belongings
SIA NIKSI Group - is transport and logistics company offering different transport services for carriage of personal belongings and private goods to natural persons by selecting the best individual solution in each situation.
Consolidated cargo transport
SIA NIKSI Group is a transportation and logistics company that specializes in consolidated cargo transportation. We achieve optimum costs by combining shipments from numerous clients because they are divided among several people. Consolidated cargoes are divided into categories based on their destination, volume, and type of products. We ensure the most cost-effective and efficient freight delivery from any location in the world, according to the customer's budget.

Your Global Logistics Provider

No matter how careful you are, moving freight can still cause damage or other problems, which might take a long time to fix. Our customers may rest easy knowing that SIA NIKSI Group is covered by third-party liability insurance and that their damage claims will be handled as quickly as possible by insurance company representatives who are both knowledgeable and experienced in the industry’s rules and regulations.

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