Partial Cargo


Less than truckload (LTL) freight refers to the transportation of products or goods that do not require a full truckload. These smaller freight loads typically result in many separate shipments being transported on one truck.


Ordered products are collected in conjunction with other loads until the specified weight or volume is met. Thus, the items are placed onto a truck for future delivery. When products arrive at the delivery place, they are sorted and delivered individually to each customer.


Partial cargo transportation by road transport is a convenient method of transporting minor cargoes, particularly when the road transport is already loaded with the goods of two or more clients. This kind of transportation is particularly useful when transporting small batches of goods on a regular basis. This approach is gaining popularity as it eliminates the need to store big quantities of items. This reduces not only storage costs, but also the amount of operating capital required by consumers.


We offer economies of scale to businesses who frequently transport partial loads. Our bulk containers ensure that your product is transported at the lowest possible cost, at the shortest possible transit time, and reliably delivered to the destination on the stipulated date. Additional value-added services, such as customs clearance and internal logistics at the point of origin or destination, further simplify your operations.

Our adaptable solutions are backed by a global agent network and decades of experience in maritime, land, rail, and road freight. For decades, we have delivered cutting-edge solutions to our consumers regardless of their location. As a result, we are one of the world’s largest partial freight suppliers.

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"Latvia's successful participation in Munich Expo in the Germany was made possible by a professional transport company and its personnel. The business was helpful, supplied the greatest options, accommodated all of our requirements, and delivered on their promises on time.
Caroline Thiemt

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