Local Freight Forwarding

In-State Freight Delivery

NIKSI is a transportation service provider that specializes in local freight transportation. All important cities are connected by road. Local domestic road carriage and freight services are mostly provided by motor transport in the capital and other large cities, as it is the quickest and most convenient mode of delivery in the country. In the event of an extremely urgent order, we can arrange for local express delivery.

What are the primary benefits of using NIKSI freight forwarding?

NIKSI freight carriage is an efficient and secure method of delivering merchandise to its final destination. The primary benefits of our freight transportation are as follows:


Control of the conveyance, from planning to unloading and paperwork handover


We value our customers' business, and as such, we handle your property as if it were our own.


We provide the most favorable transportation circumstances for our services.

Local road freight services at a reasonable price

We offer many shipping options based on the distance. The shorter the distance, the sooner your cargo can be delivered. Inquire about inland transport services from NIKSI Group, as dozens of trucks, both tent cargo trailers and cargo vans, move everyday with full or consolidated loads.

Transporters with a solid track record

Just a few clicks and you’ll get your best freight forwarding offer. The “Get an offer” button is the fastest way to get a quote. We are delighted to serve as your logistics partner and handle all of your freight forwarding needs.