International freight forwarding

About International freight forwarding

International freight forwarding is the transfer of commodities by any means of transportation between nations where the items’ origin and destination are different. International freight forwarding is no longer a luxury for many organizations; it has become an integral part of their daily operations. International collaboration is continually evolving, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for international freight forwarding and related services such cargo storage, handling, consolidation, and customs agent services. When choosing international freight forwarding partners, businesses all around the world seek experienced participants in the field. One of the major benefits of the NIKSI Group is its experience.

Our experts have been putting their knowledge into practice on a daily basis for over 14 years, addressing diverse logistical issues and honing their skills by performing increasingly complex transport assignments. Our specialists’ knowledge helps them to appropriately and quickly address any unforeseen difficulties that may develop throughout the international freight forwarding process. The firm has extensive expertise completing projects of various levels of complexity and shipping items across continents.

Road freight on a global scale

Road freight plays an important role in assuring international deliveries and is an important component of a variety of multimodal services. International road freight is one of the most convenient modes of transportation, with its main advantages being comparatively low costs in relation to delivery speed, as well as the flexibility to adapt to customer preferences and enable door-to-door deliveries without reloading along the way, which is not always possible with other modes of transport.

Container shipments from around the world

Container shipments are a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation that may be employed over large distances. The longevity of containers is a major argument in favor of their use, as it increases cargo safety by lowering the danger of mechanical damage and exposure to weather conditions during transportation.

Cargo that is classified as dangerous (ADR) on an international level.

Approximately 50% of all carried commodities can be considered as hazardous, according to data. For many businesses, international hazardous (ADR) cargo freight is strategically vital, hence adequate organization and coordination are critical. Hazardous (ADR) cargo can be carried by road, sea, air, or rail; however, the criteria vary based on the type of shipment, and they must be considered when choosing the method of delivery for hazardous cargo.

Services for enormous (oversize) cargo on a global scale

Oversized (outsize) cargo services are among the most difficult and dangerous kinds of transportation. The fact that the enormous (outsize) cargo’s height, width, weight, volume, or other attributes exceed commonly recognized freight requirements adds to the complexity of these shipments. Unique solutions adapted to the peculiarities of each individual shipment are required for international large (outsize) cargo services.

Transportation of international freight from Europe

In our expertise, international freight transfer to and from Europe is one of the most popular services. With Latvia’s accession to the European Union, the movement of goods between businesses within the Union has become more convenient; as a result, international freight forwarding from Europe has become a relatively simple procedure that does not require the owner of the goods to have a thorough understanding of customs procedures. Shipments from Europe are primarily conveyed by road, but sea freight and air freight are also employed extensively depending on the route and nature of the commodities being delivered from and to Europe.

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"Latvia's successful participation in Munich Expo in the Germany was made possible by a professional transport company and its personnel. The business was helpful, supplied the greatest options, accommodated all of our requirements, and delivered on their promises on time.
Caroline Thiemt

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