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About Heavy lift cargo

NIKSI Group is one of Latvia’s largest oversized (heavy lift) cargo carriers. Since the beginning of our organization, one of our primary activities has been the transportation of enormous (heavy lift) freight. This form of freight is one of our favorites because of its adaptability. Every time we implement a difficult or large-scale project, we learn something new. Each project has its own unique characteristics, geographical concerns, and other factors that necessitate fresh solutions on a regular basis to ensure execution.

Services for bulk cargo

This type of cargo is frequently transported by combining numerous means of transportation, such as sea freight and road freight, necessitating a high level of expertise, precision, and focus. We can provide our customers with the most sophisticated outsize freight forwarding services thanks to our experience and skills.

Cargo truck

Cargo services for heavy lifts

We have partners on almost every continent and in every corner of the globe, allowing NIKSI Group's specialists to organize the carriage of any type and amount of goods along virtually any route for our customers.

Types of heavy lift and bulk cargo

The most prevalent types of large (heavy lift) freight are described below.

Moving Day

Houses that have been prefabricated

In recent years, prefabricated houses have become one of the most common types of large (heavy lift) freight. We've delivered prefabricated modules to sites where geography prevents delivery by road using both land-based transportation and chartered ships. In such projects, both land and marine freight are used, making the transportation assignment a complex jigsaw puzzle that necessitates a great deal of experience from all parties involved, as well as a keen attention to detail.

Tractor plowing the field

Agricultural equipment

We have assisted numerous farmers in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in receiving their newly purchased agricultural machinery from a variety of producers, vendors, and auction houses during our operations. Tractors, combine harvesters, earth tillers, ploughs, grain kilns, tanks, and other huge (heavy lift) agricultural equipment are the most frequent.

Forestry technician marking tree trunk for cutting in deforestation process

Forestry machinery

The forestry industry contributes a significant share of the country's total export. This sector's technology is in high demand and is being imported from many places throughout the world. We've handled big (heavy lift) timber industry freight innumerable times during our operations, honing our skills to the tiniest detail. Harvester-forwarders, forwarders, harvesters, wood chippers, branch collectors, branchers, and logging tractors are the most typical large (high lift) cargo types in the forestry industry, according to our experience, although we've also transported sawmills and wood processing equipment.

Builder near the escavator

Industrial machinery

Civil and road construction, port operations, manufacturing, and landscape architecture all use this type of equipment. Many of our customers utilize this type of equipment on a daily basis. Excavators, cranes, bulldozers, tracked machinery, loading equipment, and other enormous (heavy lift) industrial machinery are among the most frequent.

Close up side view looking forward of a commercial truck on a highway at sunset.

Equipment for transportation

Representatives from different transportation businesses have contacted us about the carriage of a tractor unit or similar freight vehicle that has broken down or been purchased at an auction. It is conceivable, and we have transported material of this nature before. Because it requires a particular large (heavy lift) platform to transport, transport equipment is included in the oversized (heavy lift) cargo class.

Wind Power Plant on the Mountains

Generators powered by the wind

The renewable energy industry is quickly expanding. By 2030, the country wants to generate at least 45 percent of its national electric power from renewable energy sources. As a result, an increasing number of companies are deciding to invest in this field. Wind generators are a very large, enormous (heavy lift) item that most transportation firms are not able to deliver. We, on the other hand, have all of the essential equipment to transport big (heavy lift) items. We are always thrilled to take on the transportation of these giants since the procedure of carrying wind generators is complex, yet exciting, and provides us with a great degree of professional satisfaction.

Not only do we organize and coordinate the transportation process, but we also organize the loading and unloading of oversized (heavy lift) cargo, as well as arranging the necessary permits and convoys, and, if necessary, developing and approving the oversized (heavy lift) cargo transportation route with the authorities. We have almost 10 years of successful operations under our belt, with numerous difficult and large-scale oversized (high lift) freight projects completed.

What Our Customer Say

"Latvia's successful participation in Munich Expo in the Germany was made possible by a professional transport company and its personnel. The business was helpful, supplied the greatest options, accommodated all of our requirements, and delivered on their promises on time.
Caroline Thiemt

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