When time is of the essence!

SIA NIKSI Group is a transport and logistics company that specializes in the transportation of express cargo for both natural and legal people. We provide prompt and convenient door-to-door delivery throughout Latvia, the Baltic states, and the CIS nations.

Why is NIKSI Group's express delivery service the best option for you?

The optimal choice in cases when delivery speed is a critical factor in ensuring that your customers receive their cargo on time. SIA NIKSI Group ensures diverse freight delivery through the mediation of its collaboration partner network, ensuring that the cargo arrives securely at its destination.

Transport that is suitable

Appropriate mode of transport given the type of cargo and mode of travel

Loaders with expertise

Express cargo, equipment, and professional loaders are loaded and unloaded.

Return of travel documents

Return of express cargo waybills to the consignor

Temperature regulation

Express cargo delivery in a temperature-controlled facility within one day if purchased before 10 a.m.

Tracking of cargo

It is possible to track an express cargo at every stage of transport if necessary.


Express cargo insurance.

In which circumstances do we propose express delivery?


The package must be delivered immediately or on the same day.


The weight of the cargo begins at 30 kg.

Precious cargo

It is not recommended to reload fragile cargo along the journey.

Transporters with a solid track record

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