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Container shipments are a more modern kind of freight transportation that utilizes specifically built containers. It is the safest and most cost-effective method of shipping products worldwide. Container shipments can be accomplished by a variety of means of transport, and thus are classified as a multimodal way of forwarding. Containers minimize the danger of cargo damage or loss by acting as distinct cargo packaging: they are constructed of sturdy metal and shield the items from exposure to a variety of environmental conditions. The items are transferred from one truck to another while still contained within the same container as specified by the consignor, hence avoiding damage to the cargo during the reloading procedure.

The specialists at NIKSI Group have vast hands-on experience organizing and coordinating container shipments. We provide container shipping for your goods as well as all associated services such as freight insurance, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.

Large cargo ship transporting shipment container arriving Hong Kong port

A modern method of goods delivery!

Around 60 years ago, the concept of combined freight forwarding through road and subsequent transfer to rail or ship was born. A certain transportation company devised a system that significantly enhanced the procedure in every way. They packed products in containers to make the transfer of cargo from cars to ships easier and faster. With the establishment of international standards for sea container dimensions, it became significantly easier to move them via heavy-goods vehicles, railroads, and ships, as well as to handle them at ports worldwide.

Container shipment types: NIKSI Group offers the following container shipment types to its customers.
Heavy Oversize Load Convoy

Road transport of containers

For road container shipments, the cargo is loaded into a customized container that is sealed immediately after loading, preventing unauthorised access to the container and ensuring the cargo's safety during carriage. The container's design safeguards the payload against environmental conditions and manipulation. They are transported on specially designed container trailers. Container shipments by road have grown in popularity as a result of its affordability, speed, and convenience. They are popular because they are used to convey various sorts of sea and rail containers to ports or railway terminals, where they are transferred to another mode of transport for long-distance transportation. Containers are shipped from ports and railway terminals to ultimate consignees in destination nations in addition to road transport.

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Rail transport of containers

Rail container shipments have acquired favor among a growing number of exporters and importers. This is primarily because of the convenience and safety associated with this mode of transit. Container shipments by rail minimize the danger of cargo damage, allowing the transportation of huge volumes of goods concurrently, and permit the delivery of enormous commodities. Freight is typically transported by road from the station terminal to rural or difficult-to-access places, as container shipments by rail do not allow for door-to-door delivery without shifting the containers to another mode of transport. Our organization provides delivery services to the selected consignee regardless of its geographic location. Our specialists' experience and available transportation capabilities enable them to give customers nearly limitless route selection for container shipments by rail.

Large cargo ship transporting shipment container arriving Hong Kong port

Seaborne container shipments

Sea - based container shipments Container shipping by sea is one of our company's primary businesses. We have developed an extensive network of contacts, gained invaluable experience, and gained insights over the course of more than 13 years in the sea container shipping sector, which enables our specialists to organize sea container shipments of varying degrees of complexity, including both sea- and ocean-going ships, regardless of the route or cargo specifications. Container shipping by water is the least expensive way of international delivery and is famous for its safety due to the low probability of disaster and the containers minimizing cargo damage. Several disadvantages of container shipments by sea include the shipping industry's reliance on weather and the delivery pace, which is much slower than that of container shipments by rail.

International shipping container standards have had a considerable impact on worldwide trade. Manufacturers were able to put goods into containers at their factories and ship them directly to recipients, eliminating the need for on-the-road offloading. The products were delivered to the consignee in the same container as they were loaded at the factory. With the advent of standardised sea container shipping, manufacturing units could be located thousands of miles away from buyers of goods and yet sell items at a competitive price despite the considerable distance.
Standard containers are built to the specifications of exporters and importers of internationally traded goods. There are numerous distinct types of sea containers with varying dimensions that are suited for transporting a variety of different types of products, ranging from diverse liquids and perishable commodities to hazardous materials. The most frequently used maritime freight containers worldwide are standard 20- and 40-foot sea containers. These containers are airtight but lack cooling and ventilation systems, in contrast to refrigerator-style or ventilated containers. A normal 20-foot sea container can transport 11 Euro-pallets of merchandise. Additionally, these containers are known as dry shipping containers or dry vans.

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