Consumer Behaviour During the Pandemic of Covid-19

Couriers in protective masks unloading packages from a delivery truck

The global economy’s agenda has been driven by the Covid-19 epidemic since early 2020. Initially, the impact of virus on global processes was difficult to foresee, as everyone hoped it would be a temporary impediment following the discovery of the Ebola virus few years ago. At first, the economy continued on its normal course, but […]

What is a blind area and why should you be aware of it?

Every day, road accidents occur for a variety of reasons — driver error, weather conditions, road infrastructure, and the list goes on. One of the most common causes of accidents for truck drivers is when another vehicle enters the truck driver’s blind spot. A blind spot is a section of road that cannot be seen […]

Is climate change capable of becoming a weak link in a supply chain?

Ice bergs!

Global warming is no longer a distant possibility; it is already having an effect on us: floods in Germany, strong heat waves in Italy, and a snowfall in Poland. These and other natural calamities can have a direct impact on the transportation of cargo from one location to another, raising the question: Could the environment […]