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For us, differentiating ourselves from the competition means bringing value to your business operations by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and providing award-winning 24/7 customer care as well as compliance knowledge and gateway consolidations.

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SIA NIKSI Group is a dynamic logistics firm with over ten years of successful experience organizing and coordinating international freight. Around the years, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our customers and subcontractors all over the world. With approximately 90,000 freight shipments completed to date, including standard and general freight forwarding, as well as sophisticated and huge projects, this success would not have been achieved without a thorough understanding of logistics procedures and vast experience.

The specialists of SIA NIKSI Group are able to accomplish the most demanding freight tasks, both in terms of location and technological requirements, due to their experience and vast variety of services. Because of our large network of partners, we are able to reply quickly to all freight orders and provide all forms of freight forwarding services to customers all over the world.

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If you or your company occasionally need freight forwarding services, you’ve come to the correct place. Oversized freight and road freight are all areas of expertise for the SIA NIKSI Group. As a result of many years of experience in freight forwarding and related services, we have developed a sense of intuition and preparedness for unexpected events, as well as a thorough understanding of the logistics involved.

Our consumers choose to ship their goods via road freight. Costs are cheaper than with air freight, and delivery times are faster than with sea freight when employing this form of transportation. Road freight deliveries, in contrast to other types of transportation, can be done to any location that can be reached via road.

Since the beginning of our business, one of our primary focuses has been transporting big (heavy lift) freight. Because of its versatility, this form of freight is a favorite of ours. Every time we complete a project of this scope and complexity, we learn something new.

Hazardous cargo freight forwarding is a difficult and risky procedure that requires a high degree of responsibility.
A thorough understanding of all relevant rules and regulations, as well as a laser-like focus on the transportation work at hand, are all a necessity.

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One of our primary concerns has always been the security of our freight forwarding, which is why, when preparing quotes for our customers, we always take the specifics of the freight and other critical details into account in order to select the most appropriate mode of transport for the particular cargo, thereby minimizing the risk of damage.

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No matter how careful you are, moving freight can still cause damage or other problems, which might take a long time to fix. Our customers may rest easy knowing that SIA NIKSI Group is covered by third-party liability insurance and that their damage claims will be handled as quickly as possible by insurance company representatives who are both knowledgeable and experienced in the industry’s rules and regulations.

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"Latvia's successful participation in Munich Expo in the Germany was made possible by a professional transport company and its personnel. The business was helpful, supplied the greatest options, accommodated all of our requirements, and delivered on their promises on time.
Caroline Thiemt

Freight forwarding with a quality seal!

SIA NIKSI Group worldwide freight fleet is made up of vehicles equipped with the latest generation of diesel engines that contribute to environmental stewardship while transporting goods. The vehicles are fully equipped to transport any type of freight. Each truck is equipped with a GPS system, high-quality straps, support rods, anti-slip mats, and plastic edge protectors, which enables one to secure clients’ freight in accordance with all applicable safety regulations.
Because driver professionalism is unquestionably a critical factor in ensuring on-time deliveries, our company employs highly responsible, technically inclined drivers with years of experience who are familiar with international freight forwarding legislation, European road infrastructure, and ferry traffic details.

Technical support and responsible drivers are just a few cogs in the massive system that ensures the high-quality, safe, and timely delivery of your freight to its specified destination. The office personnel, who ensures smooth communication with clients, ensures drivers receive the most correct information, and coordinates loading and deliveries with both the consignor and consignee, also play a critical part in this process. The complementary synergy, mutual respect, and experience of these two parties are what distinguishes freight forwarding as a quality service!

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